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Why Whole Foods?  Why the number '4'?  Why Healthy Living?


Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living is a Florida based enterprise that believes that Nutrition is the Key to Healing, Health & Longevity.


Whole Foods are complete with all the nutritional goodness that we as humans need to thrive, not just survive. The number '4' is for the four things we avoid: Meat, Fish, Dairy and Eggs.  We offer a Healthy Living lifestyle program supported by delicious Plant-Based Cuisine that allows you to enjoy tasty, inexpensive, as well as nutritious/healthy, meals that will promote health, wellness and longevity.


Who We Are


We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and form the foundation of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  Our  company serves to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle with Plant Based Whole Food Cuisine.  We offer counseling, training and seminars, not only in Central Florida, but just about anywhere.  We make frequent Road Trips to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle and offer to lecture, present and counseling to individuals and organizations along the way.


"The Natural Healing Force Within Each of US is the Greatest Force in Getting Well."





My name is Skip Stein and Chef Nancy and I are here to help guide you towards your Future of Health, Wellness and Longevity. Yes, that sounds daunting, but I will utilize our own life experiences to help you understand how simple and easy this can be. Living a long and Healthy Life is not all that difficult, but you, like myself and Nancy, were raised by loving parents who themselves, really had No Understanding of Nutrition and how the body grows and heals itself. Yes, your body knows How to HEAL itself but it requires the proper tools and supplies to do that.  


We will help you learn about the Power of Whole Food and how it impacts Your Life, Health, Immune System and Longevity.  A healthy mindset is part of a healthy body and attitude is critical, especially when combatting disease.  A Mayo Clinic study found that nearly 70 percent of Americans are prescribed at least one medication, with antibiotics, antidepressants, and opioids topping the list.  Most or all of these can be avoided/eliminated with proper nutrition, a bit of exercise and healthy mindset approach to life.


You may be asking, who the heck is this guy and how does he and his wife get off telling me how to live my life?  Well, we have written several books, published many articles and more. I have my Bachelors of Science Degree, specializing in Psychology and Counseling, from the University of Houston.  I have owned and managed a successful International Information Technology Company for over 30 years and am well traveled; from the USA/Canada to Mexico, Europe and into China.  


Chef Nancy is a whole food plant based teaching Chef and Lifestyle trainer who focuses on Health, Wellness and Longevity. She creates and offers new and delicious plant based cuisine and recipes that are both healthy and delicious. With a focus on Health & Wellness, Nancy has been serving the Central Florida area through her company Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living  since 2010. She lectures on nutrition, health & wellness topics, does presentations at health fairs and presents her delicious and nutritious recipes at various events and private gatherings in and around the Central Florida area.


Nancy received her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University under a program developed by Dr. T. Collin Campbell. Prior to her work in the field of Nutrition and Health, Nancy served with Delta Airlines in many capacities over her twenty five (25) years with that company. Her experiences included working as a Flight Attendant, Reservations and Ticketing, Baggage Service and as a Lead Hostess in the premier Delta Crown Rooms in Detroit and Orlando. She understands the stresses and challenges of the job and how it impacts diet and lifestyle choices.


Oh, and we are both over 77 years old and we met over 38 years ago at the Crown Room at Detroit Metro Airport! I'm a cancer survivor and Nancy has reversed serious arterial disease. We have over 30 different web sites and will guide you to several of them throughout this site.


I have had the fortunate experience to be interviewed by other authors, practitioners and doctors and have videos available on my Cancer site.  I have also gotten many requests to talk to folks with different ailments; mostly cancer.  Mine was agressive prostate cancer but cancer approaches can be very similar.  Heart disease, diabetes-2 and many other 'common' lifestyle diseases are pervasive in America and the Western World.  THAT is where I can help.  Since my diagnosis back in 2010 my lovely wife, Chef Nancy, and I have been committed to research and how we can help other approach a Nutritional Healing Environment.  It has certainly worked for the both of us and so many others.  I have a page here that povides an overview of my 'awakening' and identifies several Nutritional Supplements and some excellent references I suggest.  Our main approach continues to be Whole Food Plant Based, limiting the more processed foods.


As we age, many of our systems begin to fail, for a variety of reasons, but that 'failure' can be prevented or at least ameliorated and that is where I can help!  Our way of living, or 'lifestyle' is focused on overall Health and not disease.  By using a Delicious Nutritional approach it becomes an excellent and very cost-effective way of living.  Because we are 'older' we tend to get most of our requests from the more 'Senior' communities and, unfortunately, that is also where the majority of illnesses lie.  We have a book focused on this subject called "Plant Based 4 Seniors".  Below is my most recent book on how I beat cancer without traditional treatments:

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