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In early 2020, President Trump mentioned HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) as a potential treatment for COVID.  Frontline Doctors supported and USED it (in conjunction with ZPac) for treatment SUCCESSFULLY.   The lamestream media ripped them apart, got doctors fired/reprimanded.  The CDC and WHO said HCQ would kill you.


NOW, Months and THOUSANDS DEAD, Everyone is saying that HCQ DOES WORK and is a great treatment for COVID.  ALL those innocents, many elderly grandparents, were allowed to DIE for political reasons; the liberals HATED and FEARED (still do) President Trump.


Those medical vultures have committed CRIMES against Humanity (here and around the World) and need to be Tried and Executed for their actions.  They KNOWINGLY prevented life-saving medicines from being (many still do) distributed to sick; especially the elderly and those with other illnesses.




Chronic Disease


I wonder if America’s TRUE Pandemic, CHRONIC DISEASE, will be EVER be addressed?  There have been 1,983,725 DEATHS from mostly PREVENTABLE Chronic Disease in 2017. (ref: cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm))


  • Heart disease: 647,457

  • Cancer: 599,108

  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

  • Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

  • Diabetes: 83,564

  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672


Yes, almost ALL could have been prevented/treated/reversed with simple NUTRITIONAL Approaches.  Concern over NUTRITION is Never a factor when treating the True Pandemic.  Big-Pharm and the Medical Industry make MA$$IVE profits while Americans DIE; NEEDLESSLY.


All these Billion$ and approaching Trillion$ of dollars being spent because of the Panic and Fear created by corrupt medical professionals who have vested interests in vaccines, drugs and treatment protocols and NEVER ONCE MENTION NUTRITION which is the very Foundation of Our Natural Immune System.


Yes, there may indeed be some benefits to be derived from this Global Pandemic.  ALL the experts admit that this virus is Most Dangerous to those with ‘compromised immune systems.  But how does one comprise their immune system?  Most experts admit that your Natural immune System is mostly (percentages/opinions vary) in your lower intestinal tract: You Gut.  This is where the final digestion of food happens and here is where those good gut bacteria, often called healthy flora, generate healthy stuff to keep your Immune System Strong and able to combat the thousands of viruses, bad bacteria and germs that Everyone comes into contact Every Day! Here are a few things that can destroy/harm your good gut flora:


An over indulgence of Alcohol.

Use of Antibiotics Even a single dose can kill or suppress their multiplying and may take up to 4 weeks to re-establish themselves.

Steroids will suppress your natural immune response.

Not enough sleep.

Too much stress.


Chronic Diseases are often treated with drugs that also can harm or suppress your Natural Immune response to virus and harmful bacterial attacks.  Six in ten adults suffer from at least one chronic disease and four in ten have two or More chronic diseases.  These ailments are typically treated with all sorts of drugs and most will do serious harm to your immune system.  THIS is why this group of individuals, often found in our Senior Citizens, are in the group Most Susceptible to this Corona Virus as well as many others and are placed in the category of most likely to die from this and other serious diseases in addition to the chronic diseases they may already have. 


Since MOST Chronic Diseases are PREVENTIBLE and Reversible with proper nutrition and lifestyle adjustments you would Think that this would be a topic of discussion during this Global Pandemic and how to best treat/survive COVID-19.  The unfortunate fact that treatment of chronic diseases in America (and elsewhere) has been a Total and Utter FAILURE (https://physician-nutrition.wf4hl.com/treatmentfailure.html).  Chronic diseases are growing not diminishing!


Current and past publications and studies by the likes of Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers, has published A Physician’s Guide for Plant Based Diets in 2017 (summarized here: https://physician-nutrition.wf4hl.com/plantbasedguide.html). But do you think you Ever hear about Nutrition in this discussion of a Global Pandemic?  NOPE.


All they talk about is how to Treat this COVD-19 with drugs, chemicals and lord help us, an untrialed vaccine; concocted hastily in some lab by who know who.  Nary a Word about Nutrition and maintaining a healthy gut bacterium.  Not a WORD about eating more fiber; that Feeds the Good bacteria in your gut.  Not a Word about limiting processed food, fast food crap, soda and the like that contributes to Chronic Disease; NOT A WORD.


What MUST be re-evaluated is the very NEED for all these prescription drugs in the FIRST PLACE.  Many, MOST wouldn't be needed in people focused on NUTRITION and Whole Food Lifestylediets.  Our Natural Immune system, when healthy, fights off thousands of viruses and bacterial infections every day; yet few are aware of this FACT.  Chronic diseases plague America and much of the planet and most ALL are Preventable and often REVERSIBLE with proper Nutrition of a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestylediet.  Medical PROOF has long been available but is mostly ignored by lamestream media and the medical industry.  Doctors should read their own journal publications: https://physician-nutrition.wf4hl.com/plantbasedguide.html


Of course, these are ALL politicians and fear the reaction to the very Concept of Healthy Lifestylediet and how to improve your Natural Healing System.  No, they only talk about drugs and how they plan to treat the Symptoms and NOT THE DISEASE.  Treating YOU to Death is how they make billion$ in profit; if you started to actually get healthy, it would damage their ROI and Bottom Line.


There are still a few, very few, physicians that truly Want to Help your Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease and Help YOU improve your Natural Immune System; they just don’t know how.  Doctors get little to NO nutritional training and despite the learned documents and studies published by the likes of Kaiser Permanente, medial schools do NOT TEACH NUTRITION.  Few just don’t understand How to Restore America’s Health and don’t have the time or inclination to Learn.


Despite the many qualified, certified and trained health coaches and Nutritional Chef’s available, most physicians ignore or refuse to consider a joint effort to help their patients Heal and Stay Healthy. There needs to be a Physician-Nutrition bond that can provide the best of both worlds.  Medical knowledge With Nutritious Healthy Cuisine will provide the Best of Both Worlds and will truly Restore America’s Health.


Consider a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestylediet