Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living
Restoring America's Health

Time for a Lifestylediet Change


As long as America and much of the rest of the Planet continues to make poor food choices, we will ALWAYS be victims of the next ‘pandemic’.  The unfortunate World has followed the horrible dietary guides of a Standard American Diet for decades and this has resulted in a Pandemic of Chronic Disease that would be both PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE IFF proper nutrition was considered.  NO WHERE and Few are actually even Mentioning Nutrition and HOW it can maintain a Healthy, Strong, Natural Immune System that fights viruses and infectious crap ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  The Human Being has evolved (or been designed) with a Miraculous Immune Systems that combats the onslaught of germs, viruses and contagions that we come into contact with EVERY HOUR.  No amount of cleaning, wearing ridiculous masks or anything is As Effective as Your Healthy NATURAL Immune System.


Unfortunately, too many follow a Standard American Deadly Diet of processed foods, fast food joints and eat no-fiber animal products instead of eating DELICIOUS Natural Whole Foods; high in fiber and Nutrition that Feeds and maintains your Natural Immune system.  But You will NEVER hear this from the talking heads controlled by Big Pharma who makes Billion$ from treating people to death. A medical industry, controlled by Major Corporations that manufacture patentable crap that, more often than not, had horrendous side effects, while claiming to TREAT the Symptoms but NEVER SEEM TO CURE A DISEASE!


Chemical and genetic engineering of processed foods has been going on for many decades. They are nothing but Drug Pushers in lab coats who get kids addicted to this processed ‘food’ crap at an early age and THIS is part of the reason Americans and others are Fat, Sick and Nearly dead most of the time. It turns my stomach to even walk into a grocery store and see all the shelves filled with toxic POISON and No-Nutrition Crap everywhere and people filling their baskets with Death. This crap destroys your Natural Immune System and makes you an Easy Prey for viruses, germs and other invaders.


WAKE UP PEOPLE, It’s ALL about the Money and CONTROL.  If you are Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead you are EASY TO CONTROL.  Fear and Panic So easy to instill in a weakened body/mind of a person who is consuming crap every single day.  This includes poor souls in ‘retirement homes’ who are fed a diet of Crap produced by the lowest bidder.  Most people have lost their taste for or never truly have Tasted REAL FOOD.  From an early age we have been indoctrinated to eat crap by funny cartoons and commercials.  Only a few of us old farts recall a time BEFORE TV; but there was still the indoctrination agenda; just more difficult to disseminate.


If we Learn to Focus on NUTRITION and Not drugs, we will be Healthier, Happier and Wiser. Living longer healthy, vibrant lives; not tied to a bedframe with tubes and wires; but out hiking/walking and enjoying our planetary wonders



The TRUTH IS OUT THERE!  Go Find it!