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Is all this ‘cleanliness’ healthy?


Everyone is washing their hands, avoiding contact with everything.  We are disinfecting all surfaces and cleaning everything like it’s never been cleaned before.  All this removes the Natural Challenges to our Immune System that makes it strong.  Our immune system can become impaired if it doesn’t have regular interactions with the natural world.


While cleanliness may be next to Godliness, our immune systems, just like your muscles will atrophy if not used.  The natural world provides constant challenges normally for your immune system to deal with.  Thousands of viruses, various bacteria and ‘germs’ assault our bodies and are defeated DAILY by our immune systems.  If we let it languish, like sitting on your couch all day/night and never Moving, it will get fat, sick and lethargic, just like your body does when you don’t MOVE.


All this hysterical ‘cleaning’ and avoidance of contact with each other; contradicting Normal Human Interaction may prove much more deadly than this Wuhan China Virus COVID-19.  Our immune system, has evolved over millennia from constant challenges and assaults by all sorts of viruses and bacteria; honed and refined as virus and bacteria evolve, our Immune System also evolves to counter new challenges.  With nothing to do, what will happen to our ability to combat disease and Heal?


Our unchallenged immune system is further impaired by the over-prescribing of antibiotics now and over the preceding years/decades.  This overuse of antibiotics kills/impairs the growth of your otherwise healthy gut biome that is the heart of your natural immune system.  This now weakened immune system may ‘over react’ to new assaults and start attacking itself! That is when ‘autoimmune’ disease begins resulting in an inflammatory over-response.


So, while Cleanliness is essential for our water and foods we eat, it may not be such a great idea to live in a sterile bubble; creating an unchallenged environment for our bodies and damaging our ability to fight disease and Heal Naturally. 


We have been forced to live in a social distancing world that is Unnatural Human Behavior.  We cannot continue to exist this way; it will destroy the very fabric of our human civilization.  If this is how we respond to, [by all accounts is an aggressive but NOT as DEADLY as an Annual Flu outbreak], virus assault by COVID-19, how will we respond to the next virus, flu or whatever comes next; and there WILL BE A NEXT.


We as a Country and as a Planet MUST address the CAUSE of this Pandemic! It is NOT the COVID-19 but it is the Inability for our Human Species to naturally combat this and any other disease.  This damaged ability is primarily the result of horrendous dietary practices, poor Nutrition that is the hallmark of the Standard American Deadly Diet.  We have destroyed our Natural Ability to fight disease and now depend on drugs to treat the symptoms and never the CAUSE of disease; a Failed/Faulty Natural Immune System.


The current medical system has proven totally inept and downright incompetent when dealing with our Current Chronic Disease Epidemic.  How can we expect them to deal with the Next Pandemic?


  Here is a GREAT Video by JP Sears (with permission) on COVID





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