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Helping Doctors Understand and Advise

Patients about a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle


Doctors and many medical practitioners often need help for your patients when recommending a more focused nutritional approach to help improve the patient’s health profile but don’t really know what to do?  While many practitioners recognize that ‘eating healthy’ will help improve the immune system response and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will reduce disease and increase vitality, many practitioners are just not trained to work in this area.


That is where Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living can help.  Doctors, even nutritionists and others often advise patients WHAT they should be eating to improve your health. Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living demonstrates and instructs HOW to do it and make it DELICIOUS!


Chef Nancy Stein has been recognized as one of the nine best Cooking Teachers in Orlando and has her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition.  She offers training and counseling and with her partner, Skip Stein, offer a variety of programs, training and presentations to assist your patients achieve a healthier nutritional lifestyle.  In addition, Chef Nancy’s recent book, “Restoring America’s Health” has been well received by both individuals and the medical profession as an introductory tome to demonstrate simple and inexpensive ways to enjoy plant-based cuisine.


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